Alex Promising Trader

A successful trader's story

Hi, my name is Alex. Before I tell you the story on how I established a financial backup plan ‒ which ultimately led to me becoming a successful trader, I want to tell you a little more about my past: I belong to a family that has this certain ‘employee mentality’; we never had any drive for entrepreneurialism and never imagined getting rich with a passive income, having always believed in living life cautiously with a certain motto:

“Find a job, work hard, so that you can be proud of yourself.”

Black sheep of the family

Throughout my childhood and youth, I was considered a ‘black sheep’, mostly because I didn’t do well at school, as opposed to my cousins ‒ hearing their parents brag about their excellent performances was both exhausting, and draining, at the same time. This lack of motivation led me to self-doubt, and I started labelling myself as a ‘loser’. Despite my podcast making it to the second position on the Apple store, it still wasn’t a big enough deal for them to even acknowledge.


Well, by the age of 15, I realized that school wasn’t quite for me, and having accepted being ‘a round peg in a square hole’, I decided to drop out then find a job. As time passed, it dawned on to me that my lack of focus at school, and everyday life, had nothing to do with me not being ‘awesome’, but was instead due to me adopting a ‘fervid imagination’. Every time I would read or watch something, my imagination drove me away to wonderland, and left me fantasizing about the future.


For the beginning of my adult life, I was away from home a lot, mainly due to being permanently employed within the government; this didn’t last for long, however, as I had to quit due to unforeseeable reasons. I was left without work in Italy but had been taught an invaluable lesson.


Unfortunately, I had to expat, ultimately moving to England in search of a stable job ‒ before I knew it, I found myself writing up a resume and applying for job interviews, for the first time in twenty years! Eventually, I realized how unstable permanent jobs could be, excluding the ones being offered by the government. In pursuit of a steady lifestyle, I gradually discovered the flaw of the ‘employee mentality’, the constant fear of not being able to provide for your family – and that is when I realized that I needed a backup plan, just in case winter came on too strong. I actively started looking for ways to invest money, and by 2018, I came across the cryptocurrency market and all the benefits it boasted. Cryptocurrency, besides being a technological breakthrough, was one good investment along with stock exchange, which could bring you enormous profits – though many people would argue there are better ways of investment, but one’s opinion changes based on experience with the cryptocurrency community, as well as the enthusiasm shown towards blockchain (within the current technological era). This ultimately quadrupled my initial investment of 25 cents in Bitcoin, and with no prior experience, I am here to share my tactics for trading with Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies, that took the trading world by storm. I am here to build a community around this excitement, and this time, not with caution!

My Mission

Help you to Trade your way out of your problems!

The best way that I know I can help you is by far more important that teaching you the trading skills (which by the way I will share with you daily through many channels), but it is by helping you developing the one main thing that will change the whole game and has the potential to change your life forever like it did for me:

Developing the correct mindset.

Here’s a taste of this mindset:

We are promising traders

This website is for those who cannot stand injustice; the ones who cannot tolerate bullies; those who question everything and take nothing for granted!

We are the ones who do not accept leadership with no reason; we want to be in charge of our own action!

We are those who do not rent their brains and skills to corporates who only see us as assets and as such, replace us at their own convenience.

We count ourselves only, but we are too precious to work hard to realize someone else’s dream, we know better than that!

We are humble; we never give up; we will build our own independence based on our own skills!

We do not gamble!

We take calculated risks, and every loss is an opportunity to learn.

We value discipline; we are warriors, we know sacrifice, we know hard work, and we are not afraid of it!

How the content of this website is written

Most of the products and services described in this website have been used and tested by myself and if not so I would clearly specify it in the article.

In order to write better reviews I also add inputs from other sources such as other user’s experiences that may contain points that are not relevant to me, but may be relevant to you.

I never rely on Wikipedia to provide you with content, I dig more than that, I never recommend products or services if I believe that they are immoral or illegal or simply cruel.

Usually I don’t write the content myself due to my lack of knowledge of the language and therefore I have my concepts written by third parties, but always entirely behind my supervision and not a single letter is published in this website without my approval.

I hope that this would give you the best experience possible as if I’d write everything in my broken English I doubt you would enjoy as much because what I want is to provide you with the clearest possible experience rich in facts that will help you make the right choices to trade your way out of your problems.

My focus is trading in general, but because I began with Cryptocurrency I am creating content where I am more expert at, while I add more and broader experience in other fields such as stock, forex etc.