Not everybody is looking for the big names when it comes to invest in cryptocurrency. Those who look for high potential assets constantly seek the small promising names.

In this article I will explain where and how to buy XRB, also known as Nanocurrency or RaiBlocks, and what its benefits are compared to the competitors.

You can skip to the “where to” sections by choosing between KuCoin, Kraken, Probit, and Binance.

If you want to know more about it, just keep reading.


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Where To Buy XRB and how it works

Altcoins, cryptocurrencies and other alternative payment methods have created a new age of purchasing transactions that the world has never seen before.

Digital currencies called Cryptocurrencies have dominated the online marketplace for a better part of a century.

Decentralized currency has become a high demand for product transaction, digital and physical, and that demand has only grown stronger over the years. Since the first decentralized cryptocurrency created in 2009, Bitcoin, the primary blueprint for digital currency, inspired over 6,000 altcoin creations throughout the years. 6,000 Altcoins or alternative coins to use, which are variants of Bitcoin and its blockchain, provide unlimited opportunities for those who know where to look.

Altcoins and other cryptocurrencies are used for digital transactions and are secured payment methods used instead of traditional currencies to make purchase transactions.

The blockchain monitors these transactions and provides security and confirmation for each transaction, using servers provided by users that each transaction is run through and verified.

The purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies have not only revolutionized and changed the way we make purchases today, but they have also changed the way we invest.

Some day trading crypto-enthusiasts make significant capital on the trade of cryptocurrencies and altcoins, this has become a newly paved road to financial security and stability of life.

If you’re not familiar with blockchain or Bitcoin, or altcoins, you should just stop reading now and make it your business not to miss this crucial wave of change.

If you are acquainted with this revolutionary decentralized currency and digital transaction movement, let us introduce you to XRB Nano, an innovation in the crypto-world worth a gander.

Presenting The XRB (Nano)

A wide range of altcoins have taken a stab at making individual variants of blockchain that would help improve the adaptability of digital transactions, and the Nano digital currency succeeded. Presently, the official inquiry that may emerge for you maybe what’s so uncommon about the Nano coin that differs it from other altcoins?

Unlike many other altcoins, XRB uses its own blockchain.

Nano coin utilizes a blend of secured algorithms and precise transaction calculations. The compound, assigned as “Proof-of-Stake.” The manner it works is that when there is an issue with an exchange in the Nano coin’s framework (suppose, two exchanges impact: one of them is genuine and the other one is a looting or penetration endeavor), the representing servers are there to decide in favor of the honest exchange and reject the misrepresentation one. Nano is one of the most secure cryptocurrencies with verifiable transaction records offered on the digital market exchanges.

Things to Consider before buying XRB (Nano)

XRB(Nano) is a cryptocurrency purchased with other currencies or e-cash. It cannot exchange with cash, which makes it a little more secure than other digital currencies.

XRB(Nano) is purchased solely through digital currencies and technologies, such as wallets, e-cash, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other forms of digital purchasing transactions.

XRB(Nano) created for faster P2P transactions, with more security and the ability to verify buyers and sellers over the internet. This way of online sales is a beautiful thing for those who are continually purchasing or trading online during the day and want to ensure their operations perform legitimately.

Another great thing about XRB(Nano) is that there are no fees for exchanges, and each account provided with its blockchain technology called RaiBlocks.

With so many features differing from conventional blockchain and cryptocurrency technology, XRB(Nano) can be a little overwhelming for those who have just started their financial transition from physical to digital money. There are many things to consider and understand before purchasing XRB(Nano) for you to experience the best the digital-currency has to offer to its users.

Important things to Consider before purchasing XRB (Nano):

I believe it’s critical to comprehend at any rate the very fundamentals of a product, right, service, or even currency to know what you’re obtaining. It’s your hardworking money you’re putting into something, expecting either a return on income or equal or more excellent value.

Nano clients get high adaptability in addition to momentary exchanges without expenses such as hidden fees, brokerage compensations, or other unnecessary charges other digital transaction devices may present.

That absence of expenses is conceivable gratitude to the negligible assets required by the system, including no prerequisite for high-control mining equipment. As indicated by its site, the Nano exchange system so far has handled in excess of 4 million exchanges.

This is significantly increasingly noteworthy thinking about that Nanos transaction record server is only 1.7 GB.

XRB (Nano), officially known as RaiBlocks, is a cryptographic money that has a low dormancy and uses different transaction verification methods than other cryptocurrencies available. Its verification process depends on a blockchain cross-section design that is novel, with each record having its blockchain ledger and system. Agreement of transactions originates from the designated confirmation of stake (Proof of Stake – PoS) by users casting a ballot.


The established Blockchain exchanges record transactions and monetary procedures that occur on the recording system network of users, yet the individual user adjustments of ledgers and wallets aren’t legitimately secured on the blockchain. To get around this, blockchain coins (Bitcoin) must reference past exchanges in the chain to guarantee that a location can’t send purchase something twice with the same cryptocurrency.

As referenced before, XRB(Nano) utilizes an alternate verification process than traditional cryptographic forms of money, which use blockchain innovation to confirm their exchanges and counteract extortion or twofold spending.

Customarily, a blockchain is a separate record line of obstructs that all contain exchanges. This line begins from a “beginning square,” and new squares are included each in turn after that first square.

“RaiBlocks” adopts an altogether extraordinary strategy to this with an idea they call the Block Lattice. With this framework, each user receives their very own private blockchain, with each block possessing a solitary exchange in it. This assortment of records and individual blockchains is known as the Ledger. This record-keeping method implies that every transaction requires two sections, a Send and Receive Address.

Where to buy XRB

As of now, there is no real way to purchase NANO legitimately with your national currency (FIAT) without first purchasing another cryptographic currency. Not being able to buy Nano with cash is not necessarily a bad thing, though, it provides users with amplified security and privacy when dealing with online transactions.

You may ask, “If I can’t purchase XRB with cash, then how AND where do I purchase this revolutionary innovation in digital transactions?”, the answer is simple, you have to purchase another cryptocurrency in an organized manner, and use an exchange platform that supports XRB Nano.

The enormous volume of RaiBlocks exchanged is mostly transacted on the KuCoin Exchange platform. This state-of-the-art exchange application is one of my favorite trading platforms, because of its secure exchanges, wallet tools, easy to use app, and versatility in features and trading methods.

KuCoin all together innovative products and services provide even beginners with the tools they need to succeed in acquiring XRB(Nano). When asking “where to buy XRB Nano,” there’s no better answer than KuCoins Crypto Exchange platform, with easy to learn features for beginners and professional cryptocurrency traders alike.

KuCoin is a digital currency exchange platform situated in Hong Kong, China. US-financial specialists disallowed from exchanging must undergo processes to release the prohibition of international trade. On the off chance that you are a US-financial specialist, in any case, you should consistently investigate your state laws for whether there are any obstructions for foreign cryptographic money exchanging

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Where to buy XRB and how it works

  • Unlike many altcoins, XRB has its own blockchain.
  • XRB (nano) focuses on anti fraud when validating transactions.
  • It is not possible to buy XRB from your national currency.
  • XRB can be bought on KuCoin.

KuCoin Exchange

KuCoin, built utilizing financing-level guidelines, incorporates standard exchange encryption convention for information and data transference, implying that the entirety of the financial data and client information are put away on information encryption at a bank level. There is likewise multifaceted, unique verification for extra security. Like Binance, KuCoin has it own currency, in this case a token These standards are again why I like this crypto trade administration. Here is a rundown of the features and benefits offered by this cryptocurrency trading application:


  • Professional Blockchain, professional Team Developers.
  • Multilayer and multi-cluster architecture which provides Financial system security.
  • Supports a vast number of cryptocurrencies and crypto markets.
  • Core Trading Engine runs on memory matching technology.
  • No delays or lagging during transactions and trades.
  • Innovative Wallet Technologies.
  • Intense easy to use API Interface.
  • Over 50 Mainstream Cryptocurrency Pairs.
  • Over 1,000 Cryptocurrencies exchanged daily.
  • 100,000 BTC Volume.

User Benefits

  • Developed their crypto-token the KCS, which holders receive perks for possessing the token in their wallet.
  • Customer Service and Troubleshooting Options.
  • Daily Bonuses offered to Users with KCS tokens.
  • Reasonable Fees and Which are based on currencies listed.
  • international Exchange platform.
  • Provides more than 398 life markets.
  • 0.1% Trading Fee.
  • Mobile phone compatible.
  • Thorough market analysis.
KuCoin's homepage.


Its always good to have alternatives for worst-case scenarios. Here are some of my other favorite trading platforms that can hold their own with other competing trading platforms.


A US-based cryptographic money trade, Kraken gives digital money to fiat exchanging and gives valuable data to Bloomberg Terminal. The members are permitted to purchase or sell the digital forms of money utilizing different fiat monetary standards. It gives the simple development of cash to and from the connected financial balances of the member, and the development of crypto coins to and from the member’s computerized wallets from Kraken-connected exchanging accounts.


ProBit Exchange supposedly has a request coordinating rate of over 1.5 million applications for every second and an adaptable UI, making it one of the quickest exchanging stages accessible on the web. What’s more, ProBit Exchange professes to give clients the alternative of an equipment security key, notwithstanding 2 Factor Authentication. It shows a decent exhibition with low tradings charges and some center level volumes. ProBit at present has 36 coins accessible to exchange


Since mid-2018, Binance is considered as the greatest digital money trade on the planet as far as exchanging volume. Essentially, Binance will never again allow US visa holders to pursue its worldwide administration. That is as per the organization’s refreshed terms and conditions. All of these exchange services offer excellent benefits and numerous features that can assist anyone with growing their digital monetary portfolios. I, for one, favor KuCoin Exchange services because of their easy to use interface and guarantees on trading security. I’m not one for throwing my money away, and KuCoin ensures my money transfers from Coinbase currency conversion to trade and purchase of XRB(Nano) and other less than traditional altcoins. The best part is that the KuCoin Exchange’s browser-accessible in the US and other providences, where gaining access to crypto marketplaces, can be complicated. If you’re new to the Crypto world, or just looking for a change in your current trading platform or can’t seem to find that altcoin your friend was talking about, KuCoin Exchange can simplify and optimize your trading strategies and secure your transactions.


As we have established it is impossible to directly buy XRP Nano from your national currency, but if you are interested in this peculiar asset, which aims to prevent fraudulent payments, you can buy some Bitcoin or Ethereum through platforms like localbitcoins, Binance, Coinbase (just to mention a few) and then move it on Kucoin. I have made an extensive review of Coinbase if you are interested. If you are interested on how to check the value of XRP, draw lines and do technical analysis in the charts and other cool features you may consider using TradingView, if you click in the link you will see my complete review on TradingView.

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KuCoin Exchange

  • KuCoin offers several benefits and features:
    • Over 50 Mainstream Cryptocurrency Pairs.
    • Over 1,000 Cryptocurrencies exchanged daily.
    • 100,000 BTC Volume.
    • Provides more than 398 life markets.
    • 0.1% Trading Fee.
    • Mobile phone compatible.
  • Alternatives to KuCoin: KrakenProBit, and Binance
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