TradingView is a web-based stock charting and trading social network that is available in both paid and free options.

Founded by a group of traders and software developers in 2011, it has gained more popularity and became the best charting platform among most active traders across the world, surpassing other web-based charting tools like,, and

Even though it is still a relatively newer technical analysis platform in the market, I use TradingView for the obvious reason that it has so much to offer. Traders like me can view price charts for various financial markets and across a wide range of asset classes that include commodities, stocks, currency pairs, futures and bonds, and even cryptocurrencies. In addition to this, traders can also view different assets like overseas markets futures that include Euro/Dollar currency pair, Japanese Nikkei futures, crude oil futures and bitcoin straight from their TradingView platform.

Whether you are a new trader who is just starting out or an experienced savvy trader who loves visual analysis – I would personally recommend the use of TradingView platform – as one of the best charting platform available in the market at present. The platform offers some of the most powerful publishing tools that also includes social media interaction features. Because of the social media integrations into its platform, investors and traders can share thousands of trade ideas along with their technical analysis with other active traders around the world.

And since not all of the brokers provide efficient tools to review charts more effectively, I believe TradingView helps to bridge that gap. It allows you to monitor up to 8 charts at a time, with each having a different symbol. In this TradingView Review article, I will discuss the different feature that TradingView offers along with the various pricing options of the platform.

Let us go into more detail and see why TradingView is known as the best technical analysis platform.


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TradingView Review

How it can help you?

If you are looking for a highly effective trading station that has all the necessary tools to help you execute your strategy, TradingView offers excellent services to help you do so. By having access to such sophisticated tools and the data supplied by the TradingView platform, discovering hidden possibilities through technical analysis and charting becomes a reality. It doesn’t matter if you have just started as an investor, with the time you will be able to perform more complex strategy and figure out what works best for you.

With TradingView you will get an intuitive interface, providing you the ability to look at charts however you want. I personally use it on a daily basis, crafting out complex charts and technical analysis with different indicators for my investment purposes. Being said that, you will also have the ability to paper trade without the need of signing up for a broker. With TradingView you also get broker integration, through which you can buy and sell securities directly from the charting platform. In addition to this, they even have integrate with new brokers, including those for buying and selling cryptocurrencies.

TradingView uses cloud technology, making it easier for traders like me to access the website from anywhere in the world, using a personal computer and/or mobile devices as long as you have an internet connection

TradingView Features

TradingView feature offering is one of the most obvious reasons why it is known as the best charting software platform, since its inception in 2011. Following are the 12 most amazing features that users can access through TradingView platform.

TradingView Screener


For a savvy investor trader, a good stock screener can be the greatest ally. And the TradingView platform will certainly not disappoint you in this particular aspect. It is an extremely useful search tool for investors and traders that are looking to filter securities based upon certain search criteria. It has over 100 search fields and provides real-time access to alerts in US and foreign markets. It also allows you to add filters that are specifically designed to help you find the right security that you would want to trade in. You will be able to sort and search securities based upon technical indicators and fundamentals or on both. You can even break down the securities list using sectors, such that you can at first look at the right sector you want to invest in, for instance, technology and then look for the best performing stock in that particular sector. This will provide you the ability to pinpoint securities opportunities out there in the more complex world of financial instruments. In all, it is a great tool, however, I do feel that certain improvements can be made like the ability for traders to save their scans for future purpose and use.

TradingView Stock Screener Example


One of the major features that TradingView offers is the charting package to its users. Known as the best charting software available in the market at present, it empowers traders with the ability to change colors, and see the market in the way you want to using different types of charts like bars, line, mountain, histogram, area, candlesticks, Renko, Kagi and many more. You can add any indicator that you think is important for your technical analysis and in almost any combination.

How to join TradingView for free

With all of the different pricing plans of TradingView services, you can get access to 50 different intelligent and easy to use charting tools. These tools will help you to keep a close tab on what price action is doing and how the chart patterns unfold.

It goes without saying that, this is one of the best charting platform available on the internet and can be accessed for free if you only want to use the basic functionalities.

Paper Trading

One of the key aspects of TradingView platform is the paper trading option that it has to offers to traders around the world. The feature comes in handy especially for new investors and traders who do not have any knowledge about how the market works. In other words, traders get a simulated trading environment where they can test their trading strategies without risking actual money.

TradingView Paper Trading

In addition to this, you can also paper trade any of the provided assets on the TradingView platform that includes futures, stocks, and cryptocurrencies. I like the way TradingView sympathizes with the dangers and difficulties of real-life trading and thus offers a simulated environment. Once you are able to make consistent money by testing and trying out different strategies, you can then open an account with any of the supported brokers to make actual money on your proven and working strategies. Paper trading option allows you to become a professional by gaining experience without the dangers of losing thousands of dollars. I always recommended people who are new in stock trading to gain some experience first, with the paper trading option of TradingView and then open the account with a broker.

Check this video on how to set up a Paper Trading account on TradingView and place orders.

However, it is also important to keep your emotions on track and do not perform any outrageous trading with certain stocks, just to have fun. It can soon become a habit. Yes, losing money with paper trading won’t affect you, but if you continue to be reckless while trading actual money, you can face heavy losses. Also, the fact that you are not trading actual money with paper trading, the emotions involved are not quite the same when you trade in real-life. Thus, it is important to know that paper trading won’t prepare you mentally to face the actual problems involved in securities trading, completely. But yes, it can help you get familiarize with the real-life trading.

Chat Room

TradingView Chat Room

The platform also comes with a chat room feature that allows you to post and share your trade ideas with others on the website. You can share anything including observation of support or resistance for one of the stocks or something else. Just as you follow different people on Instagram, you can also follow certain traders on TradingView who provide their opinions on the market situation and or someone who is offering daily trade advice. However, you should always use a certain amount of discretion when following such traders and actually implement their trade strategies. As in the end, it is your own hard earned money that you are putting on the line.

Data Analysis

By using TradingView, you not only gain access to the US stock market but also to all the important currency pairs, global indices and access to more than 30 different cryptocurrency exchange platforms around the world. Analysis of such large amount of data is inspiring with TradingView. You can stream all of this data using a computer, tablet or mobile devices in real-time.

TradingView Data Analysis

All of these data is powered through a commercial data feed which makes sure that the information is pulled from various exchanges ranging from futures, stocks, indices, bonds, and Forex. Using this data, you can gain insightful information and valuable data on price, volume and history of the stock from domestic or international exchanges alike. Thus, making TradingView the best technical analysis platform.

Pine Script

Pine Script is a feature that allows you to create your very own indicators from the very start, in order to conduct a more detailed analysis of the different markets and stocks. Using the pine script tool you can even customize and edit the codes of various technical indicators, embedded charts and all kinds of other trading concepts.

TradingView Pine Script

In addition to this, you can also backtest your own strategies and use of the pre-existing scripts on the platform for trading. And in case if you do not want to create your own script, you can use one of the 100 pre-built scripts that provide in-depth technical analysis experience. Being said that, the platform claims that all of the customizations are easy to perform and execute.


Another excellent feature that TradingView offers to its users is Alerts. Alert feature is especially important for people who do day trading. You will receive an immediate notification when certain changes in the market happen and something that meets the criteria that you have previously set. In comparison to some of the rival programs, TradingView alerts are more sophisticated.

You can also choose to receive these alerts through messages, email, screen pop ups or text. There are 12 different individual alert condition that you can make use of by applying them to indicators and prices, in order to trigger the alerts. The Alerts feature provided by TradingView is certainly one of the most standout features in the entire suite.

Trading Courses

Doesn’t matter if you are a new or experienced trader, trading courses offered by TradingView are very useful for each and every one interested to make some money. I would certainly recommend to make use of these trading courses offered by TradingView, in order to avoid some of the obvious costly mistakes that most of the traders make these days.

You can find courses like how to become an investor and trader. Having said that, you can find such courses for free. All you have to do is, enroll in the course and you are good to go. In addition to the free courses, you can also have access to premium courses, whose prices range from $249 to $4,999. Yes, the courses at times can be too expensive, but they are very much detailed and are coming directly from financial educators and experts of varying trading experiences and backgrounds.

Interactive Interface

TradingView offers an intuitive and interactive user interface that is both clean and sleek. It is simple to understand and navigate through the website and or their app is also pretty easy. You can find whatever you are looking for quite easily and in less than a minute. Though it has a rich feature offering, however, accessing them is not complicated at all. Even the charting tools offered are easy to understand and use.

I make use of the search toolbar, whenever I have to find something on the website. It provides me the desired results within a few seconds. In accordance with this, you can even narrow down your search, using the different categories. Select the one you are interested in and search, for example, educational ideas, script or trading ideas category and going through the results displayed on your screen. In all, it is fairly simple to understand and use, even if you are completely new to the platform.

TradingView Interactive Interface


TradingView News

The platform even provides access to the recent news that is powered through Yahoo Finance. However, it tends to be a bit slow at times and does provide the ability to sort news based on its popularity among traders. Being said that, this feature may not be suitable or useful for all of the traders, yet you can get a sense of understanding about the different fundamental factors that are driving the market in a certain direction. However, it is my recommendation not to trade by completely relying on the news provided by Yahoo Finance, and do your own analysis before you put your money into certain stocks or forex. Relying solely on news can be a dangerous way to go about your trading and investing needs. You are truly at risk to lose everything that you have, by trading in securities. Also, more often than not, news is based on past results, and thus buying or selling of stocks should be avoided based on certain news. Do your own technical analysis. People with billions have the ability to influence the exchange. I feel that headlines and news is one such area where TradingView can improve, especially in curation.

OS and Android App

Along with the multi-faceted website with rich offerings of features, TradingView also offers an easy to use iOS and Android app that can be availed for free from the App Store and Play Store. With the help of these apps, you can check out the live prices of your favorite stocks even when you are away from your personal computer and laptop devices. It also allows you the ability to interact with other active traders through the chat room service. You can also send and receive private messages with your followers, even when you are hanging out in a coffee place. You can also get access to saved charts quite conveniently through the mobile applications from anywhere, provided that you have an internet connection. In all, it is a great way to always stay connected with the trading community, and as a result of which, it provides a unique experience to traders around the world. In case if you don’t want to use the app, it also offers a mobile website that you can use on the go.

Watch Lists

Though nothing special about it, Watch List does what is supposed to do. You can prepare a list of stocks that you want to monitor closely by simply adding the symbol and hitting the Enter button.

I believe these 12 features that are offered by TradingView makes it what it is today, i.e. the best technical analysis platform for traders around the world. Many traders, including me, rely heavily on TradingView platform to perform charting analysis – in order to make a more informed and better trading decision.

Skimmer Box

TradingView Features

  • Helps performing Technical Analysis.
  • Helps performing Fundamental Analysis.
  • Powerful Technical Analysis tools to draw and write on your charts.
  • Several Indicators available.
  • Real time market situation.
  • Integrated with a variety of brokers (including Crypto Exchanges) that allow to buy and sell directly through TradingView.
Paper Trading
  • Allows to determine a starting capital and play in the real exchange without using real money.
  • TradingView has a quite sophisticated social platform that allows to share with users, follow users, and chat with users.
Data Analysis
  • TradingView allows to perform data analysis of every possible security.
Pine Editor
  • A powerful coding engine that allows to create your own indicators of modify the existing ones.
  • The most sophisticated alerts system ever.
  • Allow to create alerts on every conceivable conditions that either your charts or your indicators can measure.
Trading Courses
  • From free to $4,999 value, there is a variety of courses available for those who want to take it further.
Interactive Interface
  • Despite being so rich in feature, TradingView has a wonderful Graphic User Interface that allows to easily access everything with no struggles.
  • Yahoo News for the markets directly available within TradingView.
IOS And Android App
  • For those who move and cannot use a computer, the App is a powerful tool to keep investing when traveling.
  • A tool that allows to create a list of preferred list of securities to monitor with one click.

Pricing Plans

TradingView offers four different options that traders and investors can choose from – three paid plans and one free plan. You can choose the billing options like monthly, yearly and two years as per your requirements. Each of the three paid plans (pro, pro+, and premium) comes with a 30-day free trial.

TradingView Basic Subscription

Basic Plan

If you are new to a stock market environment and simply want to test out, how the platform works – the basic plan is what you need to get started. Of course, the features available with the free plan are limited but get the ability to link your Google and Facebook account with the platform. The features that you can access with the basic plan are one chart per layout, enhanced watch list, server-side alerts, stock screener, technical analysis and three indicators per each chart. You can also access the social community, economic earning calendar, and global data. However, with the basic plan, you will not be able to get any kind of support from their customer executive team.

TradingView Pro Plan

Pro Plan

With the Pro Plan, you will be able to better manage your stock research. You will get two charts per layout and 10 server-side alerts. You can also have access to unlimited watch list, in addition to 5 saved chart layouts. It provides you five different indicators per chart. However, you will not have any dedicated access to customer service. With the pro plan, you will be able to enjoy an ad-free experience and regular access to the social community. To access pro plan, you will have to $14.95 per month or $155.40 per year (that comes down to $12.95 per month).

TradingView Pro+ Plan

Pro+ Plan

With the Pro+ Plan, you will get access to many different advanced features that include up to 30 server-side alerts, 10 indicators per chart, 4 charts per layout, 10 saved chart layouts and dedicated customer service. You even have the ability to make use of two different devices at the same time. Being said that, with the pro+ plan you also get the ability to create your own custom charts. To Pro+ Plan can be availed at $29.95 per month or $299.40 per a yearly subscription ($24.95 per month).

TradingView Premium Plan

Premium Plan

With the Premium Plan, you can get access to all the features that are provided by this best charting platform. You can create up to 8 charts per layout, set up 5 different devices at the same time, get up to 200 server-side alerts and have 25 different indicators per chart. You also get unlimited saved chart layout and watch list along with indicator templates. You will also get notifications through SMS in the Premium Plan. In addition to this, you can also have access to priority customer service and support. For the Premium Plan, the pricing starts at $59.95 per month for a monthly subscription or $599.40 for a one-year subscription ($49.95 per month).

In my opinion, if you are a new trader go for the basic plan as it has an extensive list of feature offerings that are more than enough for any new investor. However, if you are a more seasoned investor looking for the best pricing option on TradingView, Pro+ Plan is the one that I will recommend. Even I am using Pro+ Plan for my TradingView Subscription.

Pros And Cons Of TradingView

Pros of TradingView

  1. With all the three different pricing plans, you will get access to the 30 days free trial period.
  2. On the platform, you can share your ideas and charts and even gain access to charts from a more seasoned investor, in order to build a knowledgeable trading community.
  3. You can get access to the companies’ reports that can help you to make better investment decisions.
  4. You can get to access real-time news about the stock market, that is powered by Yahoo Finance.
  5. It also accepts payments through Bitcoin provided you are choosing an annual subscription plan.
  6. You can even write down key points on the note tool on the chart to help you remember certain key aspects related to stocks or anything else.
  7. It has an inbuilt calendar with key events for you to remember as these can cause volatility in the market.
  8. You can prepare your own scripts using the pine script feature. There are plenty of customizable options available for the trader.
  9. Using the paper trading feature (simulated account), you can practice a certain trading strategy before investing actual money, to see if those strategies really work. This way you do not put your hard earned money at risk.
  10. You get access to chat room service where millions of users are participating every day to share their knowledge and wisdom. However, be careful when you decide to follow certain traders. Check out their authenticity before you make use of their advice.

Cons of TradingView

  1. The news and headline system of the platform is a week and needs more improvement, like sorting the news based upon its popularity and importance as per other traders.
  2. You do not get access to level 2 data with paper trading, which seems to be a bit disappointing.
  3. In order to get the priority customer support, you will have to subscribe to the premium pricing plan, which I guess should be included at least in Pro+ Plan. However, I never required support anyway.
  4. The premium package is a bit expensive considering the number of features that they are offering in the free plan.

Although it has few disadvantages and needs improvement in a certain area, I still believe it is one of the best charting platforms that you can have at your disposal, for all your trading analysis and other requirements.

Can I Trade Crypto on TradingView?

Indeed you can, directly integrating to one of the compatible brokers that support crypto or by doing paper trading and follow my advise on YouTube where I do analysis for Bitcoin and DigiByte.

Customer Support

The customer support team of the TradingView platform focuses on billings user plan upgrades and payment issues for the basic free plan traders. However, if you are a paid user, they will provide 24×7 service support through phones and email. For the pro plan, you will have to wait in the line, until your number comes on the phone. However, dedicated and priority support is provided to users who have a premium subscription plan. All of their inquiries are consulted and resolved immediately. They do not have to wait to receive support, like the pro user.

Is it worth your money

In my opinion, TradingView is worth every penny that you are putting in – with this best charting software. It has almost everything that as an investor and trader you can ask for. Doesn’t matter if you are a new trader who wants to learn the basic of trading or a seasoned investor who is looking to better their technical analysis skills, TradingView is the perfect place to start your trading day with.

Moreover, you do not have to risk your money with TradingView. You can use the software for absolutely free. Though the number of features you get will be limited, at least you will get to know, whether it is the right platform for you or not. You will get a taste of what the charting platform is about.

Apart from this, the platform is also providing a 30 day free trial with all of its paid plans. You can subscribe to any of the plans that you find appropriate in accordance with your trading requirement and make use of the software for 30 days for absolutely free. In case if you think the platform is not meeting your needs and is not worth the amount you paid, you can immediately cancel your subscription and you won’t be charged. However, be assured that you are canceling the subscription before the 30 day period. Or else, you will get billed and the amount will get deducted from your account.

Final Thoughts

TradingView is an excellent platform that can be used for researching, screening and charting your most favored stocks. One of the key reason for using TradingView charting software is that you are always able to monitor stock prices in real-time from almost anywhere using your computer, laptop or mobile devices.

Whether you are looking for technical indicators, forex signal finder, stock screener, financial reports, or simulated trading experience, I will personally recommend the use of TradingView platform. It has plenty of features and tools to offer, for absolutely free. Being said that, the design of the platform is well organized, thus making it not so complicated to understand. The platform offers an excellent user experience.

And with its 30-day free trial, even if you subscribe to one of its three paid plans and do not like the services offered, you can cancel the subscription period anytime within the 30 days. You won’t be charged a single dollar for using their services up till then. Yes, the platform has its own share of disadvantages, but the advantages that it has to offer completely outweighs the disadvantages. In my opinion, there is no better technical analysis platform for traders as compared to TradingView.

Alex Promising Trader

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